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Welcome to the Tools, Tips and Tricks Page.

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This is where I tell you how I do this stuff. Ok, first I like art, so it is fun for me. I am by no means a expert.  I have only been doing this for about a six months.  But now I am hooked, and I have fun doing this.

        So the things I have learned on the computer in generating art.  I would like to share with you.  To enlighten another, enlighten's oneself.

        When I talk about tools, I am refering to computer tools.  That can be a software product such as a image edit program, or a image animation program.  Or it may be a computer hardware tool, such as a pointing tool or a digitizer.

        My plan is to provide you with info to help you in computer art, and to help you in web page design.  Feel free to make comments, suggestions, or request. To