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Let's Talk Hardware

The Computer... It is the computer Artists paintbrush. For the traditional artist, selecting the right brush is crucial to their work. The same holds true for the computer art designer.
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Question? What kind of computer do I need to make computer generated art?

Answer: This really depends on the software you plan to use for your computer art generation. If you just plan on making simple images, and will be using a program like Painshop Pro, then a 486 would perform just fine.  But, if you want to do more complex things like 3D graphics, and use software like Bryce, then get all the firepower you can get.  The faster the better. A Pentium II, 233 MHz is a good choice. Oh and get lot's of RAM, at least 64 Meg.

Question? Do I need a 3D graphics card.

Answer: Not really. Most 3D art programs never use the features of a 3D card, such as Rhino 3D. In fact I can run Rhino 3D on my 486 just fine. I have found that these 3D cards are really intended for video games.  This may change in the future however. So my advice here is. Decide what software you want to use, then find out what the hardware components needed to run it. Use that as your guide.

Question? Hey! drawing with a mouse 8 is really a pain.  Is there a better way?


Answer: Yes! there is a better pointing drawing device.

The WACOM Pen Partner.This device is great. I think it is a must for any computer artist. I just love it. The best thing is the pen is cordless and you hold it in your hand like a everyday pen.  It is so natural. The other cool feature is the eraser. Yup flip the pen over and it acts like a eraser.  The Pen partner is pressure sensitive in applications the support it, such as Fractal Painter and Adobe Photoshop.  The Pen Partner also replaces your mouse, and has all the features of a mouse.

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Visit Wacoms home page

    Well that's all the tips for now. If you have a computer hardware question, send me email.

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