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Welcome to my Bar...s Page

Get those divider bars for your web page here.

bartwirl.gif (21800 bytes)

dino.GIF (4116 bytes)

Q? Gee! whats a divider Bar?

A. Well... they are sometimes used to seperate sections on a web page, and they help improve the appearence of your page.

Q? I like some of the dividers but they just don't fit my page quite right.   Is there anything I can do to resize it?

A. Well there are several ways to do this. One is to use a image editing program like paintshop pro. Or you can resize it on your page using HTML. Below is a example of the code you would use.

Example Code:

<Image src="bars1.gif" Width="100" Height="10"

By changing the numbers for width and height you can change the image size.

Now for z bars:) To save an image right click on it.

bar1.GIF (2152 bytes)


bar2.GIF (2087 bytes)


bar3.GIF (3573 bytes)


bar4.GIF (399 bytes)


bar5.GIF (1544 bytes)


bar6.GIF (1209 bytes)


bar7.GIF (2855 bytes)


bar8.GIF (1312 bytes)
angela.gif (74844 bytes)

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